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Keeping Cool: Your Guide to Ducted AC Installation in Sydney


As Sydney’s hot summers continue to intensify, more and more homeowners are looking to ducted air conditioning as a way to keep cool. Ducted AC systems provide even, consistent cooling throughout the home by channeling conditioned air through vents in the ceiling or floor. While extremely effective, installing a ducted air conditioning system requires professional expertise. This article provides a comprehensive guide to ducted AC installation in Sydney, including costs, key factors to consider, and how to choose the right installation company.

The Costs of Ducted AC Installation in Sydney:

Ducted air conditioning installation does not come cheap, with the average cost in Sydney ranging from $4,500 to $9,000 depending on the size of your home. The total expense depends on several factors including:

Ducted AC installation, Air conditioner, ac repair and building hvac maintenance of a handyman and builder on home renovati

– Home size – More vents needed for larger homes
– Ductwork required – New ducts can add $2,000 or more
– Outdoor unit size – Bigger units for bigger homes cost more
– Additional electrical work – Upgrades may be needed to support new AC
– Access issues – Difficult access ups cost of installation

5 Key Factors to Consider:

When installing a new ducted AC system, there are five main factors to keep in mind:

1. Size: The unit must be the appropriate size for your home. A professional will assess room sizes, layout, number of vents etc to size the system. Too small and it won’t cool adequately, too big wastes energy.

2. Zoning: Zoning your system allows different areas to be controlled independently, improving comfort and efficiency.

3. Energy rating: Choose a high energy rated unit to save significantly on running costs. Also check if rebates are available.

4. Noise levels: Position the external unit away from bedrooms and living areas to minimize noise.

5. Brand: Reputable brands like Daikin, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi are proven performers. Check warranties.

Choosing the Right Ducted AC Installation Company:

With such a major home investment, it’s critical to hire experienced ducted AC installers. Warning signs of bad installers include:

– No licensing or insurance
– Vague quotes rather than detailed inspections
– Lack of building permits
– Pushy sales tactics

Ducted AC installation

Quality installation companies will:

– Be fully licensed and insured
– Provide a detailed quote after thoroughly inspecting your home
– Pull all required council permits for the job
– Use their own in-house qualified technicians, not subcontractors
– Clean up properly after the installation
– Offer warranties of 5-10 years on parts and workmanship

For peace of mind, choose an established ducted AC installation company like Best Air Conditioning with more than 15 years experience installing ducted systems across Sydney.


While installing ducted air conditioning in your Sydney home is a major project, the year-round comfort and lifestyle benefits are well worth the initial expense. By following the guidance in this article, you can ensure your new ducted AC system meets your needs and budget. Stay cool!


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